Holz speziell für den schnellen Laserschnitt in der besten Qualität
Sperrholz zum Lasern
Holzsticker für feine Lasergravuren

<transcy>Wood-based materials for creative minds</transcy>

<transcy>implement your ideas!</transcy>

<transcy>get the best material for it</transcy>

Holzplatten speziell für die Bearbeitung mit einem Lasercutter

<transcy>Your specialized wood supplier for laser, engraving and creative techniques.</transcy>

All our products are 100%:

    • designed with love in Austria

    • developed entirely in Austria

    • carefully produced in Austria

     • from sustainably managed sources

This is how we can guarantee our promise of quality to you. We are proud of that!

Take a look here at our wide range of products, if you have any questions we can be reached here at any time.

<transcy>engraving materials</transcy>

... it's easy to find. The optimal engraving materials for each individual project too.

With the WOOD4PROS plate chain, you can do this in no time!!!

More about sample materials here!!!

More about the selection of real wood material - here!!!

Gravurmaterialien Muster von Laserholz
Laserholz in praktischen Formaten für jeden Anwendung das ideale Format

<transcy>Large selection, practical formats</transcy>

Handicrafts and real wood finishing pose very special challenges to the natural material wood.

Highest quality, flexible quantities and formats, short delivery times are just a few attributes that WOOD4PROS.COM can count among its strengths.

WOOD4PROS.COM sets this as the standard and thus offers the largest selection of real wood products, in handy and flexible formats, with the shortest delivery times! Everything in the best quality, of course of sustainable origin, produced fairly and transparently in Austria.

<transcy>We are WOOD4PROS.COM</transcy>

Two brothers whose passion is sawing, grinding and engraving. We discovered early on that our heart beats for wood. Our passion has become a vocation that we are allowed to pursue here.

You can find out the idea, the mission statement, the philosophy behind WOOD4PROS.COM and much more here!

Spezialisten für Gravurmaterial

<transcy>Sustainability - more than lip service</transcy>

It is very important to us to support nature with our product, to help it to be treated with respect again. Our production site in particular, in the vicinity of the Kalkalpen National Park in Austria, makes it clear to us again and again how important and beautiful intact nature is. In order to make a contribution to this, we subject ourselves to strict sustainability controls on an ongoing basis that go beyond our own commitment. Thus, for us, the environmentally friendly and sustainable use of the valuable resource wood is a matter of course

Holzsticker Anwendung, Tiger aus Holzsticker geschnitten mit feinen Konturen und auf ein Buch geklebt

<transcy>LASER MATERIAL</transcy>

Wood, the engraving material of the future

-Regional available

-Diverse to use

-to design individually

-to use sustainably

-Lifelong pleasure

The wide selection offers ideal solutions for the laser cut, laser cutter , Laser engraver - everything to do with engraving and cutting

Einfach gutes Lasermaterial

Einfach gutes Lasermaterial.

Beste Qualität, hochwertiges Service und Kundenorientierung machen uns zu Europas Nummer 1 in holzbasierten Laser- und Gravurmaterialen! Mehr als 2.000 Kunden in ganz Europa sind sich einig.

Eine große Auswahl an Holzprodukten, von klassischem Pappelsperrholz bis hin zu Holzstickermaterial, finden Sie nur bei uns!

Werde auch du Teil der einzigartigen WOOD4PROS - Community und genieße exklusive Vorteile!