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linear plywood

VPE: 1 plate per package

Two thin layers of wood are connected to each other in the direction of the fibers and thus create a stable board for a wide variety of applications where thin and stable properties are expected from a wood material.

Application examples:

-greeting cards


-decorative items

-business cards


-engraving Material

-wood for lasering and much more.

Editing properties

Processing Very good result good result satisfactory result bad result not possible
saw X
drill X
laser cut X
laser engraving X
milling X
mill engraving X
cut with utility knife X
cut with scissors X
varnish X
oil X
glue X

The images shown are sample images. Wood is a natural product and each piece is unique, so the goods received may differ from the example image.

Customer Reviews

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Nick Verwaal
Great company with quality wood and very friendly staff

I've ordered several hardwood products at wood4pros, they deliver very consistent high quality products. If there are any challenges or special requests they are very flexible and the owners think along in reaching a great solution on a short term. Their vision on delivering high quality wood from sustainable managed forests is one of the many reasons to choose for them.

Dear Nick,

thank you very much for your great words! We love partnering up with clients like you!
This pushes us every day!

Kind regards,
Julian from WOOD4PROS.COM