about us

Wood is the most beautiful raw material in the world - and we are lucky enough to be able to work with it.

A hobby became a passion and a passion became a specialty, this is how you can describe the history of wood4pros.com. There has always been great interest in wood-based materials and their processing. In recent years, the variety and accessibility of processing options for wood-based materials has increased to an ever-increasing extent, the variety and problem-solving of wood-based materials on the market has come to a standstill.

Wood4pros.com has set itself the goal of combining a wide variety of materials with wood and thus ensuring more sustainability in everyday life. The processing options such as laser processing, CNC milling processing and creative techniques are the focus of the developments. The development work of wood4pros.com is just beginning and will continue in a continuous process. One thing is always taken into account, to leave the natural product wood as it is - natural!

Born in Upper Austria and raised on the edge of the Kalkalpen National Park, we feel obliged to protect nature through our work and to have a positive influence on it. Only through sustainable and resource-saving management can we meet our high standards. A forestry managed with home and expertise can benefit nature much more than a forest without any care. We choose our wood suppliers based on quality, just like the tree trunks, which we select and process by hand. The certification of our company for sustainability is a matter of course for us and we understand the requirements as a minimum.

We know about the challenges of getting the right material, in the right format, for the right purpose. This is exactly where we want to be your partner with wood4pros.com.