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Birch plywood In practical formats. Birch is known as a pleasant and light hardwood. The cross-gluing of thin birch veneers forms a compact wood material that is ideal for creative purposes. Even t...
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 Poplar plywood The classic of plywood types. Light, soft and easy to work with. When selecting the hand-selected quality, particular emphasis was placed on the laserability of the glue joint . Thi...
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Precious Plywood The cross-gluing of several layers of precious wood veneer guarantees a low-warping wood material of the highest quality for a wide range of challenges. Plywood in 1.5mm and made e...
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Poplar plywood veneered There is nothing more noble... easy to cut cut even faster and therefore work even more profitably with the laser always the finest surface available from the natural mate...
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 Beech plywood Hard and unyielding, that's how we know the Beech . This native type of wood is ideal for various handicrafts. The slightly reddish wood sets new accents and creates a new play o...

Plywood – Versatile material for every application

Plywood for lasering

Laser Plywood is the ideal choice for precise and creative projects. Thanks to its fine layers and even surface, laser plywood is particularly easy to cut and engrave. Whether for model making, arts and crafts or personalized gifts - laser Plywood offers countless possibilities. The use of modern laser technology creates clean edges and detailed patterns that make every project a unique work of art.

Multiplex and multiplex boards

Multiplex, also known as multiplex panels, consists of several layers of wood glued together. This material is characterized by its high stability and resilience, which makes it particularly suitable for demanding applications. Multiplex panels are available in different thicknesses and are used in both furniture construction and interior design. Thanks to their robust structure, multiplex panels offer a long service life and are ideal for constructions that have to withstand high stress.

Advantages of laser plywood and multiplex boards

  • Precision and versatility: Laser cut Plywood enables detailed cuts and engravings that are difficult to achieve with other methods.
  • Stability and durability: Thanks to their multi-layer structure, multiplex panels offer excellent stability and are resistant to deformation.
  • Aesthetics: Both laser plywood and multiplex panels have an attractive, natural wood look that gives every project a warm and elegant touch.

Applications and areas of use of Plywood and multiplex boards

  • Model making and prototypes: Laser cutting Plywood is perfect for building precise models and prototypes.
  • Furniture construction: Due to their stability and aesthetics, multiplex panels are an excellent choice for all types of furniture.
  • Decorative Projects: Laser plywood is commonly used for creative and decorative projects such as murals, jewelry and personalized gifts.

Whether for delicate laser work or robust constructions - Plywood , especially laser plywood and multiplex boards, offers the right solution for every application. With its versatility and excellent material properties, Plywood is an indispensable material for hobbyists and professional craftsmen alike.

Discover the wide range of possible uses for Plywood and let your creativity run wild. Whether you are planning precise laser cuts or robust pieces of furniture, you will always achieve optimal results with laser plywood and multiplex boards.

About Sperrholz

Sperrholz ist der universelle Holzwerkstoff. Durch seine kreuzweisen
verleimten Holzfurniere entsteht eine kompakte Sperrholzplatte und wird
dadurch stabiler und für viele Einsätze verwendbar.

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