Tips and tricks for laser processing wood

  • Bilder lasern auf Holz

    Lasering images onto wood

    The blog article deals with the topic of "lasing images on wood" and the advantages of premium HDF panels with pear wood veneer. It is argued that these panels are a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to solid wood, offering high definition, high contrast, durability and versatility. They are ideal for lasering images onto wood, especially for personalized gifts or artwork for special occasions.
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  • Foto Lasergravur auf Holz

    Photo engraving on wood

    Bringing photos realistically onto wood is considered the supreme discipline of laser processing. You can find out what is necessary for this and how it is easier for you in this blog article.
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  • Visitenkarten aus Holz

    Wooden business cards

    Wooden business cards

    Business cards are the first impression you give to your counterpart and are more than a small piece of paper with a name on it.

    The higher quality and more sustainable a business card is designed, the closer the deal is.

    In this blog article we present veneer paper, which is perfect for making wooden business cards.

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  • Gravurmaterial

    engraving materials

    Gravurmaterial Wood engraving materials are becoming increasingly popular among users in the laser and engraving industries. The natural and renewable raw material is increasingly replacing materials such as anodised aluminium,...
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  • Holz Modellbau

    Model building wood

    Wood for model building Two things are clear from the start: Model making inspires young and old alike You're never too old to let your fantasies run wild   Having...
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  • Welches Holz zum Lasern?

    Which wood for lasering?

    Which wood for which laser machine?

    The following blog post is about this question.

    So much can be revealed, at WOOD4PROS.COM there is something for everyone!!!

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