Welches Holz zum Lasern?

Which wood is for laser cutting?

The question of all questions, but this question cannot be answered that easily. A lot has to be clarified in advance.

You can find out more in the following blog post:

Which wood for laser cutting?

Everyone has to ask themselves at the beginning what they want to achieve for their project.

There are many factors involved in choosing the right wood material, we have listed some of them here:

  • It should be cut as quickly as possible and my customers attach great importance to a flawless surface quality!

If things have to be done quickly, the surface quality is absolutely paramount and the laser is equipped with less power, the following products are highly recommended for your success:

Holz zum Lasern

  • It has to be cut very precisely because my customers have very high demands on the cutting edge!

Precise cuts and a beautiful picture at the same time place enormous demands on the starting material. Here, special panel materials are established that score points with great stability and have an increased density. To be successful here, WOOD4PROS.COM offers the following products for:

Holz zum Laserschneiden

  • It should be as cheap as possible, but the quality should be right!

Price and performance can be easily combined, especially when it comes to working quickly and efficiently with one device. Here, too, a wide range offers the optimal solution:

Vollholz zum Lasern

  • It has to be cut quickly and cheaply and the surface quality is secondary

We all know it, it has to be fast and at the same time it should be cheap, we also offer the solution here:

Which wood to engrave?

Wood can be engraved perfectly, but it is important to pay attention to a few things!

The wood surface must be homogeneous, i.e. the grain must have grown evenly and the wood must be closed on the surface. For an optimal engraving result, it is crucial that the wood surface is unvarnished and the panel material can lie flat on the work surface, i.e. does not warp.

The following panel types and types of wood are best suited for engraving:

Holzsticker zum Lasern

Which wood fits my laser?

Or the other way round, which laser goes with which wood?

The questions of all questions, I bought a laser machine what kind of material can I use?

The more power, the thicker and harder the material to be cut can be.

We recommend the following real wood products for the following performance: