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Wooden business cards

Wooden business cards

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Visitenkarte aus Holz

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The material makes the difference


In addition to the high-quality feel, business cards are durable veneer paper significantly longer than conventional cardboard business cards. Therefore, they are ideal for all types of business applications - from retail to B2B business - where confidence, elegance and extravagance are important.

Which material for business cards?

Compared to plastic business cards, wooden business cards score with the sustainability of the veneer paper and have a more luxurious look and feel than plastic variants. The natural look of the wood makes each card individual and unmistakable - which is a big plus for professional events!

Make your own wooden business cards

You can easily make wooden business cards yourself with a laser engraver. Due to the fine surface and the selection of different types of wood, every personality can be made of the sustainable material. Graphics and images are easy to engrave.

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Conclusion on business cards made of wood

With their durability and customizability, business cards made of wood (from veneer paper) make a great impression in customer acquisition campaigns both offline and online!