Holz Modellbau

Model building wood

Wood for model building

Two things are clear from the start:

  • Model making inspires young and old alike
  • You're never too old to let your fantasies run wild


Holz für den Modellbau

Having an entire city as realistically as possible within your own four walls is the dream of many. When a train strolls through the city on an artistic scale, the youthful fantasies of many model building enthusiasts come true.

Modellbau Bahnhof

Finding the right wood for model making

In order to be able to realize showpieces as detailed as possible, model builders are particularly demanding when it comes to the building materials used. Model objects are recreated in many loving hours and if so many hours are invested, then everything should fit.

In the past, many materials have proven themselves for model building, such as hard cardboard, hardboard and aircraft plywood, which deliver extraordinary results. In particular, the following wood materials have established themselves for model making:


What is important to know about wood for model making?

If there is one thing that model builders value, it is the dimensional accuracy of the materials in terms of dimensional stability and uniform thickness. This is the only way to create detailed replicas on a precise scale.

Holz für den Modellbau





Wood for model making from WOOD4PROS.COM is particularly characterized by its good dimensional accuracy. A final calibration step and air-conditioned storage ensures that the tolerances in thickness are as small as possible.






Which material was used for the shown object?

For the model building shown in the pictures was exclusively Premium maple plywood 1.50 mm used.

The homogeneous structure of three layers Noble veneer ensures that cutting with a laser cutter works particularly well. The uniform wood sorting of the top layer veneers has two main advantages. In fact, the even color gradient guarantees that the laser beam always delivers constant energy to the workpiece, resulting in an even cutting edge. Furthermore, individual laser engravings can be excellently applied to the wood.

Which laser cutter was used to process the wood for the model construction?

For the production of this model a Laser machine of the company JustLaser used. The model for laser engraving and laser cutting is a JastLaser model 10.6 with an output of 80 watts of laser power.

Lasergravierer für den Modellbau

Gütesiegel für Holz für den Modellbau

All wooden boards for model making have been tested and tried on all JustLaser laser devices and have therefore earned a special seal.



Which model railway was used?

A Maerklin Digital with gauge H0 was used for this model construction.

Who can I contact if I also want to have a wooden model for model making?

You are welcome to join us report.

Or you sign up Woodpix.at, the talented model maker who also made this model out of wood for model making.

You want more about them Photo laser engraving on wood to know? Then simply follow the following link: Photo laser engraving on wood