engraving materials

Gravurmaterial aus Holz


Wood engraving materials are becoming increasingly popular among users in the laser and engraving industries. The natural and renewable raw material is increasingly replacing materials such as anodised aluminium, acrylic glass and various laminates.

State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies with certified sustainable sourcing make this possible.

There is a wide range of wood engraving materials, so let us introduce you to the most popular ones from our range.


The Edel-HDF Plates have become an absolute classic in the laser industry when it comes to engraving materials made of wood. Edel-HDF impress with their outstanding durability and stability. The most intricate cut-outs can be cut with ease and razor-sharp engravings be made into the engraving material.

Gravurmaterial Edel-HDF
What makes the noble HDF panels special is their consistently brilliant surface quality and the huge selection of different types of wood.

precious plywood

This is the absolute leader when it comes to being thin, stable and flexible at the same time precious plywood indispensable as an engraving material in modern and sustainable laser processing.

Gravurmaterial Edel-Sperrholz

The finest cut-outs and razor-sharp engravings can also be easily achieved with this material. The cuttability can be easily achieved even with the lowest laser power.

Noble plywood

If it needs to be even thinner and even more flexible, then there is no way around the tried and tested engraving material made of precious laminated wood. With a total thickness of just 1mm and a consistently high surface quality, the precious laminated wood is used in the most diverse areas of laser engraving of wood.