Holz lasern ohne Schmauchspuren

Laser cutting wood without smoke

How to avoid smoke marks when lasering wood: Materials and techniques for perfect results

Lasering wood is a popular method of creating detailed patterns, text and designs. However, the process can often leave traces of smoke that affect the overall appearance. This article provides guidance on how to effectively minimize smoke marks by choosing the right wood products and using specific techniques. Discover the advantages of SmoothyPly, high-quality plywood, high-quality laminated wood, solid wood slats, high-quality veneers, real wood stickers, veneer paper and veneer on fleece as well as the use of supply air, Airassist and masking tape.

Holz lasern ohne Schmauchspuren

Tips and tricks for lasering without smoke

1. The right choice of wood

Choosing the right wood is crucial to avoid traces of smoke:

2. Use of supply air and Airassist

Supply air and Airassist play a crucial role in minimizing traces of smoke:

  • Supply air : Fresh air supply during the laser process can reduce the formation of traces of smoke.
  • Airassist : Continuously blows air onto the interface to expel smoke and smoke.

3. Using masking tape

Masking tape is a simple but effective way to protect wooden surfaces:

  • Covering the engraving area : Protects the wood from direct contact with smoke and ash.
  • Easy to remove : No residue left to affect the surface.

In order to avoid smoke marks when lasering wood, the combination of the right choice of wood and targeted techniques is essential. Materials such as SmoothyPly and high-quality plywood, together with the use of supply air, Airassist and masking tape, offer optimal conditions for clean and precise engravings. By applying these tips, you can significantly increase the quality of your laser work and achieve flawless results.

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