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Lasering wood without burn marks: Master the art with the right produc

Laser cutting wood without burn marks

 Laser cutting wood is a fantastic way to create stunning works of art and practical items. However, a common challenge is the formation of burn marks. In this blog article we will not only introduce you to wood products that are ideal for laser cutting, but also effective methods to avoid burn marks. Find out more about the use of SmoothyPly, premium plywood, premium laminated wood, solid wood slats, premium veneers, real wood stickers, veneer paper and veneer on fleece as well as the use of supply air, Airassist and masking tape.


1. Choosing the right wood: The first step to success Choosing the right wood is crucial to minimizing burn marks when lasering. Products such as SmoothyPly, fine plywood and fine laminated wood are ideal as they have a uniform texture and are less prone to burn marks. Solid wood slats and fine veneers provide a smooth surface that also helps reduce burn marks.

2. Real wood stickers, veneer paper and veneer on non-woven Real wood stickers, veneer paper and veneer on non-woven are other excellent options for lasering without burn marks. These materials are thin and allow for fast and consistent laser processing, reducing the risk of burn marks.

3. Supply air and Airassist: Indispensable helpers Using supply air and Airassist is an effective method of preventing burn marks. These systems help blow away the smoke and particles created during lasering, reducing the formation of burn marks.

4. Masking Tape: A simple but effective trick Another useful technique is to use masking tape. By covering the wood with masking tape before lasering, you can prevent smoke and residue from settling on the wood surface and causing burn marks.

Conclusion: Lasering wood without burn marks requires the right combination of high-quality materials and clever techniques. With products such as SmoothyPly, high-quality plywood and solid wood slats as well as the use of supply air, Airassist and masking tape, you can achieve flawless, burn-free laser engravings and cuts. Experiment with these materials and methods to take your laser projects to new levels.

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