Foto Lasergravur auf Holz

Photo laser engraving wood

Photo laser engraving on wood

...the pinnacle of laser engraving

Bringing images so detailed and realistic onto a workpiece is described as the absolute masterpiece of laser engraving.

In this blog article we want to show you what you have to pay attention to so that your masterpiece succeeds.

Laser engraving on wood

To get you started, you need to know that laser engraving on wood is as traditional as laser technology itself. Attempts were made to transport images onto a material right from the start of laser technology. One of the biggest steps in this direction was digital photography and here we are with the first factor for a successful photo engraving Wood.

1.The photo in the "right quality"

Who knows that, a customer or friend comes to you with a holiday picture from the beach, taken with the selfie camera and preferably forwarded two or three times via Whatsapp and the quality scaled down.

It is imperative that you get an initial image with the highest possible resolution so that you can use your editing program to ensure that the contrasts come out at their best. Like this one for example:

Bild von Landschaft und einem Unternehmen
The higher the contrast in an image, the easier it is to engrave this image in wood with a laser.

2. Speed matters

That's right, it also depends on how fast or especially how slowly you do the engraving.

Especially modern and high-class laser machines can carry out engravings at a high speed and still have a very high performance. But it is more important that the laser beam can "act" on the wood for as long as possible. The longer the laser beam on the Engraving material made of wood acts, the more the wood "burns" in the end and a high-contrast laser engraving is created.

Lasergravur Holz Detail

In this way, even the smallest details come into their own.

3. The right wood makes the difference

Yes, who would have thought it - the selection of the right wood also plays an absolutely important role, so that every experience becomes an unforgettable laser engraving.

Basically, the lighter and harder the wood is, the better the laser engraving will be.

Ahorn gravierenBirnbaum gravierenHornholz gravieren

       maple                                Birnbaum                         Hornholz

Maple is the classic of the light wood species when it comes to engraving.

Due to its hard surface and homogeneous structure, the pear tree is perfect as a Gravurmaterial suitable for photo engraving.

Hornwood is an absolute novelty in engraving, but the light color and unyielding hardness make this product stand out.

Foto Lasergravur auf Holz

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