Holz für nachhaltige Pfandmarken

Wood for sustainable deposit stamps

Wooden deposit tokens: perfection in premium beech plywood

Welcome to the blog for wooden deposit stamps! Here you will find the explanation why premium beech plywood is so well suited for high-quality deposit stamps. Find out why premium beech plywood is the ideal choice for deposit brands and how it takes your projects to the next level.

Why premium beech plywood for deposit stamps?

Premium beech plywood is an exceptional material for making deposit stamps. Its unique properties make it the perfect choice for this application:

  1. Outstanding stability: Premium beech plywood is characterized by impressive stability. The high strength of the wood ensures long-lasting and robust performance of your deposit tokens, even with frequent use.

  2. Precise laser cutting: The 2.3mm thick beech plywood can be easily and precisely cut with a laser. This allows you to create delicate and precise shapes that give your deposit stamps a unique touch.

  3. Personalized laser engravings: Premium beech plywood provides an excellent surface for personalized laser engraving. Add logos, names or custom designs to give your pawn stamps a personalized and professional look.

Holz für nachhaltige Pfandmarken Premium-Buchensperrholz

Our quality promises

With us you will only find the best deposit stamps made from premium beech plywood. Our products undergo strict quality controls to ensure the highest standards. Each deposit stamp is crafted with precision and care to provide you with a product that meets your expectations in every respect.

areas of application

Wooden deposit tokens are extremely versatile and are used in various industries and events:

  • Gastronomy: Perfect for restaurants, cafes or bars to optimize service flow and improve organization.
  • Events: A stylish way to identify event attendees or control access to specific areas.
  • Trade fairs and markets: Ideal for exhibitors to professionally label their products and stands.
  • Weddings and celebrations: Personalized pawn stamps can serve as an individual memento for special occasions.

our service

Our goal is to offer you the best material for the best deposit brands made from premium beech plywood. We are available to answer any questions you may have and we offer fast deliveries to ensure you receive your sustainable deposit wood delivery on time.


Discover the world of wooden deposit stamps and experience the perfection of premium beech plywood with 2.3mm. The stability, precise laser cutting and personalized laser engraving options make it the ideal choice for your projects. Give your events, products or celebrations a special touch with our high-quality wooden deposit stamps!

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