Furniere aus Österreich

Veneers from Austria

Furniere aus Österreich

Veneer from Austria

Veneers are 0.3-2.5mm thin layers of wood. pure wood. veneers are referred to as the thinnest solid wood in the world.

veneer production

The veneer can be made in different ways.

We want to show you the classic manufacturing process.

For the veneer production, logs have to be bought in the first step. Here it is particularly important that the trunks come from sustainably managed and regional sources. Areas in the Waldviertel, the Wiener Walder and also in the beautiful Alpine region are ideal for veneers from Austria.

The wood is usually bought in winter, since the forest floors are frozen here and can therefore be harvested in the most gentle way for flora and fauna. In order to preserve the inestimable value of wood as a resource, the logs are preserved with water over the warm summer months, which is always in its own cycle.

Furnierherstellung Österreich
Storage is therefore the first step in production.
Another step is removing the bark. Because there are stones and dirt in the bark that would damage the sensitive veneer production machines.
Furnierherstellung Baumstämme entrindet
After debarking, the trees are roughly sawn.
Furnierherstellung Baumstamm zugesägt
 The next step is already cutting the logs too veneer.
Various techniques can be used here. The most resource-saving technique is veneer production with a veneer knife machine. With sharp knives, wafer-thin wood veneers of 0.3-2.5 mm are cut from a trunk without producing sawdust. This results in maximum use of the sustainable resource wood. This technique allows wood to be made from one cubic meter of wood up to 1000m² of veneer.
Furniere aus Österreich
The thin wooden veneers from Austria are then gently dried and cut to size.
So they are Veneers from Austria ready for further use and processing.
Furniere aus Österreich
You simply have to appreciate the noble and elegant natural material.
Furniere aus Österreich
And can be processed in many different ways.
See yourself like yourself Veneers from Austria to be further processed.

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